Organic Kosher Meat taking over multiple platforms! Scaling even when “gurus,” said it wasn’t possible

Grow and Behold

A premium kosher meat delivery

business in the US.


Using influencers, articles & multi-platform advertising approach to generate multiple millions in revenue


  • The target: Acquire new customers under $100


  • Using their customer base we expanded advertising to FB & expanded Google Ads even more


  •  The next step was building authority so people would buy from them and not from the business around the corner


Partnering up with influencers and articles we showed the superior quality of their products and started overtaking the market.

This strategy increased 3X their growth! 


Making content that was native, honest, and heartwarming helped people connect with the brand for what it is, a family business. 

With all of these elements in place, people readily gave the brand a chance, but because of the great results and regular promotions around Jewish holidays, they kept coming back for more and more!