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Success Stories

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Russell B - Coach for Mental Health Counselors

Russell helps overwhelmed & burnt down mental health counselors so they can move to a coaching model and regain balance in their lives. Before joining ClientKit he was helping a more general population of people that wanted to get into coaching and his business was doing pretty well but they seemed to come from different places. ClientKit helped him get more of a focused group that he helps. Russell wants to know that if you're a coach or a consultant this is the place for you, this is so simple and straight forward. It's a no - brainer.

Zoe S - Digital Marketer in Branding

Zoe is in digital marketing but her specialty is branding and the messaging pieces - she helps her clients get really clear on what they do, why it matters, who they serve. With that she helps build out their social media and websites. Before joining ClientKit, she had been doing similar things to what she's doing now for companies for more than 5 years now but it was always on referral or side projects. Since she found out she was pregnant, she knew that she wanted to leave her non-profit job and kick things into high gear. Since joining us she has made $9,200 in the month of April and has gained so much clarity!

Jennifer L - Leadership Consultant

Jennifer helps women specifically lead their businesses in a feminine way and she works with them in the marketing, nurturing to the sales and building their programs. She has been with us since 2018 and Jennifer sees the benefits from Traffic and Funnels, Elite, and Gold program. What she loves is that we're established in real principles and real true things- She needed to have that foundation while she builds her business. Jennifer wants you to know that, regardless of where you are in your business, you need this program.

Bradley A - Marketing Agency

Bradley is a marketing agency and consulting company for roofing contractors specifically. Before traffic and funnels he was doing $15k - $20k months but it wasn't healthy revenue and then that is when he discovered us through ads. Bradley did both ClientKit and ELITE - he felt that CK was such a great package since it lit a fire under him to go at a full sprint. He actually left in between joining ELITE but he found himself missing the culture. Don't get him wrong - the content and the lives are incredible but the people and coaches with the high performance culture pushes you to be better. Bradley wants you to know to just do this - get whatever finances you need together and put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

Ausi K - Facebook Ad Agency Owners

Ausi and her partner Ronald own a Facebook Ad Agency and for her clients she helps them scale and take it to the next level. They started straight into ELITE because they were already at 20K a month - without ELITE they realized they needed to add in a funnel and ads because they were actually mostly word of mouth. They went from the start of ELITE having a team of four to having a team of 17! Ausi wants you to know that by joining ELITE one of the best things that you'll get out of it is the in person events that we hold for our Elite and Gold Members.

Megan K - DFY Hiring

Megan helps online businesses hire, onboard, and retain mostly remote teams. When she started this business in June of last year, completely starting over due to Covid and with our help she went from nothing to having quickly her first 30K month right away. Megan actually had a period where she wasn't in our program but realized that she missed the community that we have built here. Megan's advice is to stop wasting time and sign up!

Client Success 2020.

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