A 10+ People Marketing Powerhouse

We are a tight-knit community of digital marketing strategists, media buyers, creatives and managers based in Serbia. We’ve successfully grown both industry-leading businesses to new heights as well as we have helped exciting new brands establish themselves on the digital marketing stage.

We keep everything in-house: our team includes experienced Facebook, Google, Pinterest and LinkedIn marketers, video editors and designers, a copywriter, a chatbot builder, a conversion optimization specialist and a developer, an office manager and project managers. We grew our agency by 400% (!!!) during the last year and have even higher expectations set for this year.

Unlike other big agencies that resort to outsourcing, with teams scattered around the world, our team of 10+ people prefers working under the same roof to Zoom calls. This helps us communicate better, provide faster turnaround to our clients and helps keep our office culture lively.

“Why settle for a soldier, when you can have an army?” - Some famous general, probably

Working with a team from Serbia has its perks - you can work with a dedicated, synchronised  team instead of working with a couple of mismatched freelancers inflating their hours so you’d pay them more.

Additionally, we can offer a more competitive price for higher-quality work than most US and AU-based agencies.