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Explode Your Sales in The Next 90 Days!

Bring your business to the next level.  

Explode Your Sales in The Next 90 Days!

We've helped some amazing organizations grow beyond their expectations

And we can do the same for you.


We've helped some amazing organizations grow beyond their expectations

And we can do the same for you.

Happy Clients

"A few months ago  I hired Ivan and his Digital Rocket team. They created some awesome ads and immediately we start seeing  some sales and then a about month ago our sales just took off. We're selling so many things every day. And so I highly recommend working with Ivan and his team."

ben chaffee

Culture Cross


"Digital Rocket brought leads to my business that ended up generating 1,5 million in commissions."

peter peard

Peard Real Estate

"Their quick actions stopped bleeding on the Facebook account and got back positive ROAS".

dave pan


How we got from $467.75 in April to $47,242.79 in December a 11,922% increase in Shopify sales. 


Growth in Shopify online sales

We are a tight-knit community of digital marketing strategists, media buyers, creatives and managers based in Serbia. We’ve successfully grown both industry-leading businesses to new heights as well as we have helped exciting new brands establish themselves on the digital marketing stage...

Our Work Process

Step 1: Book a Discovery Call With Us

The first step in working with us is your booking a Discovery Call. During this call we dive deeper into your business situation, evaluate your readiness to scale, your business backend, positioning in the market, problems you are facing and make sure we can help to solve them and bring long-term sustainable growth and scale.

Step 2: A Customized Marketing Plan, Tailored To Your Goals

Once we have determined we can help you grow, we are going to make a customized marketing strategy tailored to your goals. We’re going to give you a timeline of growth and action points you can use on your own or with our help to make the most of it. Our team will present this to you on another call.

step 3: The Implementation Phase

Now it’s time to pull up our sleeves and get to real work! You will start seeing lots of activity in your ad accounts. We’ll work on plugging any holes in your funnel, and will work on increasing your AOV in the backend all while working on building your marketing campaigns. You will get detailed, easy-to-understand reports and will gain clarity into the world of digital marketing.

step 4: The Growth Phase

Once we’re out of the Implementation Phase, you will have more and more customers coming in daily. Your revenue will grow steadily for some time and then we’ll start talking about scaling. We’ll make sure the existing structure can take the new levels of growth, and will begin skyrocketing your business!